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Company Specials

This page serves as an exchange point for people to get their ideas formalize through StarLabs.
We welcome any form of ideas pertaining to factory production that will enable users to capitalize on correct use of their resources in the most cost-effective way.

Do drop in your ideas to : starlabs@starlabs.htmlplanet.com
*Terms and Conditions will be levied on your ideas.

What's New ??

  1. Automatic Lubrication System
  2. Rapid Substrate Transfer System
  3. Short Burst Power Supply for Power Failure(Patented)
  4.  Small-sized Air-Powered Vacuum System
  5. Small Character Printer for All Surfaces
  6. Zero-Force Ultra-High Speed Pick-Up Nozzle System(Patented)
  7. Micro-Line Dispense Nozzle for Micro Chips(Patented)
  8. Volume Restricter for Consistent Adhesive Dotting(Patented)
  9. Odd-Shape flexible mounter
  10. Precision Flip Chip Bonder
  11. Compact Component Feeder(Patent Pend)
  12. Highly Accurate Optical Inspection System




* Above are a small list of new kit-products through StarLabs FA-Assistive Technology(TM).
**Custom-Tailored Equipment can be provided through our partnership with leading-edge technology companies in the world.